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aie cecCEC

CEC European Managers | Confédération Européenne Des Cadres

CEC is a European organisation that promotes and defends the interest of 1.5 million managers in Europe and is an European social partner and take part to the European Social Dialogue.


aie fecciaFECCIA

European Federation of Managerial Staff in the Chemical and Allied Industries

FECCIA is the lead industrial relations organisation for the managers in the chemical sector on the European level.


The Mobility Project

ECEG, industriAll Europe, and FECCIA, representing the chemical sector within the EU 28, have embarked on a new project funded by the European Commission. The aim of the project is to encourage young workers who look for employment opportunities in the chemical industry to increase their voluntary mobility to seek job opportunities across Europe. The focus lies on offering these workers qualified support through a dedicated mentoring network, supported by both employees and employers, to help them to improve their working life.

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