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The Association of Management and Professional Staffs (AMPS) is a professional organisation and is a branch (NW 1920) of Unite the Union in the North West Region, and is self governing, with its own agreements and is fully autonomous in all industrial relations activities. AMPS is the main Scientist and Pharmaceutical Trade Union in the UK, whose origins go back to the British Association of Chemists founded in 1918.

It was originally a Pharmaceutical Association and Scientist Association with a membership of graduate scientists in the UK chemical industry. It has since widened them to include managers, scientists and other graduate level staff in a range of science based UK industries. These include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles and there is also a special section for professional divers. We currently have a broad membership in all of the scientific and associated sectors.

Professional and managerial employees find that their collective views as represented to their employers by AMPS are much more powerful than any individual or in-house staff association can achieve. This is because AMPS is an independent management union with well defined legal rights and a broad experience across many industries. AMPS is a management trade union for managers and professional level staff, therefore we are highly experienced in handling complex workplace representation issues.

The Management Union Association is governed by an Executive Committee elected from the general membership, which together with Branch Committees and Industrial Sections also elected from the membership, determine policy at all levels, including negotiations with employers. The full time officials and staff, headed by the Executive Secretary, provide the professional expertise in the field of industrial relations to implement workplace representation policies on behalf of the members.

We choose not to pay any political levy because our members prefer not to be associated with any particular party.

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