Answers to your most common questions

Where can I get more information about AMPS trade union?

More information is available direct from the Executive team - please call Tony Harding in the first instance - 07895 162 896. Please do leave a message and we will call you back. Email: tony.harding@live.co.uk

What happens when I cease working, or continue beyond current retirement age?

Your membership will arrive from Unite - normally your card and confirmation arrive within 4 weeks. Once your paperwork has arrived with AMPS then you are considered to be a member from our perspective. If you do not have a workplace rep. please call Tony Harding on the member helpline - he will put you in touch with your most appropriate official.   The member helpline number is  07895 162 896. Please do leave a message.

Can you give me some advice on employment terms and contract

Yes we can. It does help to read your contract carefully and be aware of standard information that your company holds on any internal intranet. It is your responsibility to have read these for your own workplace. We have extensive experience on interpreting what the language used can mean so please get in touch.

What payment options are there?

Payment is monthly direct debit

I am currently in the process of a disciplinary at work and need urgent help. What should I do next?

As soon as you are aware there is a problem looming it is a good idea to make contact with your Union representative. Please don't wait until it's too late or you have a hearing the next day to call us. There are lots of things we can do to help; not least to give you advice on how to cope. We need advance notice so that we can deploy the best person for your case. Our workplace representatives are very experienced so please don't be embarrassed - call early and we can help; sometimes we can make a more significant difference by knowing at the start. We can advise you on what action you should and should not take. If you call the helpline - please do leave a message. Like everyone else we get our fair share of unsolicited sales calls so won't call you back if you just leave us a missed call.

I have been notified by my company of possible redundancies. Would AMPS be able to represent me?

AMPS is happy to represent our paying members - and advise those who are not yet joined. We are unable to represent you if you are not yet a member or have a pre-existing issue. We can give extensive advice on redundancy and workplace issues for members who work in a single location and those who are field based.

I joined a few months ago but I have not yet had any money taken by Direct Debit. Is there a problem?

You should receive a response from Unite within 4 weeks of submission. If you have concerns please contact Tony Harding as above.

Still have questions? Check out the options below

Regional Office

Regional Officer Ritchie James
Contact 0161 848 0909

Transport House
Merchants Quay
Salford Quays
Salford M50 3SG

Member Helpline

Contact Tony Harding: 07895 162 896 

If you do not have a current workplace rep or don't know who it is please contact our Member Helpline - a first point of contact if you need advice or need to know who your workplace representative is.

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