Career change?

February 10, 2021

If you’re bored with the current situation and finding it tedious, you’re most definitely not alone.  It’s possibly not just the current situation either; it can be that your job is just not stimulating enough. Leaving aside the lack of interaction with colleagues, face to face meetings and the like, maybe you’re wondering whether to change tack? Perhaps have a complete change? Is this job really me?

A great place to start if you are prevaricating about whether it’s a temporary mind set or a real hunger for change is to start with a blank piece of paper, but it does really work. Start by making a list of the jobs you just know you can’t do. Things you dislike or hate, things that would make you feel really uncomfortable or are impossible. Don’t necessary exclude stuff that needs extra or different qualifications – just the things you really can’t face – for example if you hate being outdoors then horticulture possibly isn’t an option.  A fun exercise is the government website retraining website – it’ll make you laugh if nothing else. Home| Discover your skills and careers | National Careers Service

It might make you think about other areas you’d never thought of. Cleverly, they give you salary bands so you can see what the pay scales are. That’s really useful because you can see where you fit with your current pay and if a major shift in lifestyle or finances is required.

The government website also gives details of areas where there are opportunities ready and waiting for retraining.  National Skills Fund -GOV.UK (  

If you need or want a degree or postgraduate information then a great information source is the Open University. They tell you exactly what’s required for all areas of degree and post degree study and how much it costs.  Our courses - The Open University

If academia isn’t for you then have a look here;  Training for Careers in the Trade - Plumbing, Electrician & Gas (

Education is always valuable and can’t be taken from you –the more the merrier, and who doesn’t wish they’d paid more attention in school? Possibly in certain subjects more than others. I couldn’t understand chemistry at school but when I got to university it was easy. It all depends on the teacher so don’t assume if you couldn’t do it then you’ll never do it. Good luck.