What's the best advice

April 1, 2021

What the best piece of advice you’ve had?

It depends who’s listening, who’s asking and how much they know about the topic doesn’t it?

Sometimes it’s just plainly the wrong question, sometimes it’s an answer you just don’t want to hear. When you’re in a fix at work it helps to ask someone else for their view. If its help with a particular project or a task then it’s not (usually) a disaster if that advice doesn’t turn out to have been the best choice. It was probably meant well, although there are plenty of memes online for simple advice that went spectacularly wrong.

Being a member of a Trade Union means that when things aren’t going well you have an independent ear to reach out to for sensible, helpful advice. We can’t always help with specifically work related tasks but we can provide some sound advice on how to approach difficulties in relationships/activities/measurements between you and others in a work setting. Sometimes when things are tough – you’re under pressure for whatever reason, it becomes hard to work out what the important things are because you’re so involved.

An impartial ear can give you a different perspective and help you work out what’s important and what can wait and crucially whether you’ve got this all about face. It is possible that you’ve misunderstood something or need extra training or don’t know how to row back from an awkward situation.

Everyone’s had it tough this last year and getting back into the workplace will be very stressful for some. Even just face to face meetings will be odd at first – we’ve all got used to the relative impartiality of Zoom! No more having to stare at yourself at meetings will be bliss for most of us.

If you need help, ask. Go on give us a call. It could be the best 5 minutes you spend today.

Helpline: 07895162896